ApaPerio prophylaxis powder

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Product information "ApaPerio prophylaxis powder"

Highly efficient, gentle blasting powder for subgingival application / implant cleaning.

  • Low abrasiveness
  • Optimum particle size distribution
  • high cleaning effect
  • good polishing effect

ApaPerio is a newly developed, improved blasting powder based on tagatose (average particle size 15 μm) comparable to glycine, which is used in the sub- and supragingival area for the cleaning of teeth, tooth roots and sensitive sensitive implant/abutment surfaces/dental restoration margins. can be used. ApaPerio has an excellent cleaning performance and improved polishing effect, which minimises the time required for application. Sensitive tooth, root and implant surfaces as well as the margins of dentures are optimally optimally protected. The special monosaccharide tagatose is extremely well tolerated, non-hygroscopic hygroscopic and has excellent spray behaviour. There is no The powder does not cake in the blasting device. Tagatose has a pleasant sweetish flavour and, unlike glycine than glycine, does not have a sensitising effect. Tagatose is non-cariogenic and also suitable for diabetics. diabetics.

120 g bottle


To improve attachment, it is recommended to apply Hyaluronsäuregel after cleaning (PA or UPT).

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Alternative product

Universal supra- and subgingival fine blasting powder based on calcium carbonate particles and fine medical hydroxyapatite. Removes biofilm, plaque and discolouration; seals and remineralises.ApaPearls blasting powder (supra- and subgingival) consists of rounded calcium carbonate particles (pearls) coated with fine medical hydroxyapatite (synthetic tooth enamel). With a very small particle size of 45 μm, tooth and root surfaces can be gently cleaned and supplied with important minerals at the same time.Microdefects are sealed, sensitivities are reduced (blasting instead of abrasive blasting). Due to the porous structure of the enamel particles, they disintegrate when they hit the tooth and root surfaces and form a protective layer.Periodontal healing and regeneration is supported.Indications: For caries and PA prevention, gingivitis therapy For the removal of biofilm / plaque and initial tartar / calculus in the course of periodontal therapy (PT), supportive periodontal therapy (UPT) and for professional tooth cleaning (PZR); supragingival and subgingival in pathologically deep gingival pockets up to 5 mm deepFor the removal of discolouration, e.g. due to coffee, tea, red wine and nicotine consumption For cleaning fissures and pits before fissure sealing For cleaning fixed orthodontic appliances Support in the treatment and pre-treatment of halitosis / bad breath Recommendation: If you want to avoid conventional polishing, smooth and polish using the powder blasting technique with ApaPerio.

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