University Professor Dr Rainer Hahn

Science for practice.

Prof Hahn has shaped dentistry with his developments dentistry since his time at the University Hospital in Tübingen:
in the early
1990s through his developments in the field of high-performance and zirconium oxide ceramics. He was one of the very first to use aluminium oxide and developed aluminium oxide and zirconium oxide ceramics for dentistry and used them to produce complex dental restorations. restorations from them. Back then, in collaboration with the company Espe and its sonoerosion.

Also unforgettable is the revolution in periodontitis revolution in periodontitis therapy, the Vector principle, which was developed to market maturity with Dürr developed to market maturity with Dürr Dental and played a key role in shaping PA therapy. has shaped PA therapy. Even Stern TV reported live at the time.

Hahn has been self-employed since 1997. Cumdente would be called a university spin-off or start-up, but with the difference that difference that Prof. Hahn had to manage without external funding.

At the end of the 1990s, Hahn's new bonding agents, composites and cements made the then revolutionary adhesive technique and modern endodontics practical. adhesive technology and modern endodontics. Cumdente grew rapidly and the Tübingen DentalSchool and the Tübingen DentalSchool became one of the leading German-speaking training academies. training academies.

In 2010, Prof Hahn was appointed to the chair of dental prevention at the Danube Private University, a passion that passion that still fascinates him today and has helped to shape our company. Important examples of this are the multiple award-winning prophylaxis products of the ApaCare line and the new OraLactin probiotics.

Long-term success is what counts for Prof Hahn. Cumdente Right from the start, customers receive much more than just products, namely practical, successful treatment concepts and the kind of collegial support support that is still unrivalled today. The success of colleagues (and the users of ApaCare Prophylaxe) and the satisfaction, even enthusiasm enthusiasm of the users are the yardstick by which Hahn and his colleagues at colleagues at Cumdente are measured by. Nationally and for many and internationally in many countries around the world.

It almost goes without saying that Prof Hahn still treats patients in his own practice. in his own practice. Because only those who practise what they teach and what he researches is in a position to explain products and treatment concepts successfully convey treatment concepts and pick up on new ideas for relevant new ideas for relevant developments.

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