Intra-Microflex cannula


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Product information "Intra-Microflex cannula"

Intra Microflex application cannula, curved for attachment

Intra-Mikroflex cannula for attaching to the mixing/application cannula straight and to syringes with Luer-Lock connection.

For Toluidine Blue, Microbiom Regeneration and endo treatments.

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Toluidine Blue
Consistency: Gel 0.005%
Biofilm marking. Tolonium chloride solution for marking biofilm. Pack of 10 syringes (Luer-Lock), 1.0 ml each

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OraLactin Microbiom Regeneration Professional Gel
OraLactin Professional Microbiome RegenerationPre-& Postbiotic GelFor the regeneration of the natural microbiome in gum pockets, on the tongue and on all oral oral mucosa after supra- and subgingival tooth or implant cleaning implant cleaningpromotes the growth of healthy oral bacteria, inhibits pathogens and regulates a healthy healthy oral microbiomeSupports the inhibition of inflammationAllow to act briefly and spit out1 syringe = 1 application. OraLactin Microbiom Regeneration Gel contains no abrasive substances, surfactants or similar or similar, but a pure, highly concentrated amount of prebiotic and inactivated inactivated lactobacillus germs (postbiotic). It can be applied to all mucous membranes in the mouth and contributes to the regeneration a healthy microbiome. Ingredients: Water, propylene glycol (harmless humectant) xylitol (birch sugar), gum arabic, lactobacillus plantarum, celullose (thickener), flavouring. I ndication: For the accompanying prophylaxis of mucosal, gingival and periodontal diseases and to support the regeneration and stabilisation of healthy oral flora. Recommended from the age of 6 years. Application: Apply the contents of a whole syringe to all mucous membranes, gingiva and gum sulci and allow to take effect. Do not rinse out. Can be safely swallowed. Afterwards, we recommend the use of OraLactin pre- & postbiotic mouthwash for at least one month and the use of OraLactin toothpaste (permanently). Storage: Store at room temperature, discard opened syringes.5 syringes (3 ml each) incl. 5 application needles Recommendation: Stabilise the microbiome daily: OraLactin Zahncreme.

Root Canal Conditioner
For conditioning the root canalCitric acid-based rinsing solution (20 %) for conditioning the root canal after root canal preparation. Removes smear layer residues on the canal walls.50 ml syringe with Luer-Lock adapter for direct filling of commercially available disposable syringes.

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Root canal gel rinse.Sliding and chip-binding agent. With EDTA.Pack of 1 pc. 3 ml syringe incl. 5 pcs. Intra-cannulas

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