Metal cannula rotatable, flexible


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Product information "Metal cannula rotatable, flexible"

Application cannula

Application cannula for Synamel and Synchrome Gel

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Colour: A1 syringe
Universal, light-curing nano-composite gel for anterior and posterior teeth. Gel for the anterior and posterior region,minimises shrinkage. High abrasion resistance and stability. Standard filling material for all demanding class I-V fillings. Also suitable as a luting composite for inlays, onlays, veneers and partial crowns made of ceramic and composite. High fluoride release. The perfect wetting of the cavity margins and matrices routinely allows gap-free filling margins and a very long service life. The tooth-equivalent transparency/opacity and a new type of chameleon effect ensure an outstanding aesthetic result.Syringe, 1.8 g, incl. 5 pcs. Metal cannulas rotatable and bendable ø 1.2 mm, (1001126)Auch als Application-Tips zu je 0,25 g erhältlich.Tip: Ideal for use in combination with Cumdente Hybrid Bond . Adhesive of the 8th generation.

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synchrome® Gel light
Colour: light
Chamäleon-Komposit. One-for-All Chamäleon-Komposit Gel Für alle Indikationen der Komposittechnik. Fließfähig (gelartig) – standfest.Neue Submikrokristalle sorgen nach der Lichtpolymerisation unterhalb der hochglänzend polierten Oberfläche für eine perfekte Farbsymbiose. Die kleinen Kristalle reflektieren und brechen das einfallende Licht in einem gemeinsamen Spektrum mit der Zahnumgebung und führen so zu einer universellen Farbanpassung. Gleichzeitig werden hohe mechanische Festigkeiten und schmelzanaloge Abrasionsbeständigkeiten erreicht.Spritze zu 1,8 g, inkl. je 5 Stk. Metallkanülen 1,2 mm. Variante mit stopfbarer Konsistenz: synchrome Fill

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synchrome® gel syringe set light and intensive
Chameleon composite. One-for-All chameleon composite gel For all indications of the composite technique (Class I - V and as a luting composite). Flowable (gel-like) - stable.New submicrocrystals ensure a perfect colour symbiosis below the high-gloss polished surface after light polymerisation. The small crystals reflect and refract the incident light in a common spectrum with the tooth environment, resulting in universal colour matching. At the same time, high mechanical strength and enamel-analogue abrasion resistance are achieved.Set of 1 x Synchrome light and intensive syringe of 1.8 g each, incl. 5 pcs. rotatable and bendable metal tips 1.2 mm each. Variant with tampable consistency: synchrome Fill


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