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Regenerative root conditioner

After PA therapy (debridement), Perio Gel is applied to the root surface to expose the collagen fibrils in the root dentin (rinsing is not necessary). This optimises connective tissue repair (collagen adhesion).

Syringe of 1 ml

Use Perio Gel according to photoaktivierter Therapie (PACT400)

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Spare charger with USB cable
Replacement charger for the clip-on LED lampFor dentists, prophylaxis specialists, dental assistants, dental technicians, etc.1 charger with USB cable without lamp

Soft case for clip-on LED
Soft case for the clip-on LED lampFor dentists, prophylaxis specialists, dental assistants, dental technicians, etc.1 piece (without contents).Practical soft case with space for up to 2 clip-on LED lamps, a charger incl. USB cable and 2 yellow filters.

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PACT 400
Distribution via Hahn Medical GmbH Tübingen Photo-dynamic antimicrobial therapy with PACT 400 15 years of PACT (PAD) - in the fifth generation .Grazile red light laser handpiece (battery-operated) for antimicrobial photodynamic therapy with toluidine blue (gel or solution) staining.High efficiency in PA and peri-implantitis therapy, also in comparison to classic antibiosis. Biofilm removal and 99.99% germ reduction in the therapy of peri-implantitis, periodontitis, endo, CP, P, surgery, etc.Scope of delivery (complete set):PACT 400 red light laser handpiece incl. stand charger with LED charge level indicator, 2 pcs. Light Guides Universal, 2 pcs. Light Guides Endo, 2 pcs . Light Guides XL, 1 Li-ion battery, 1 pair of PACT laser safety goggles, 5 pcs. Intra-cannulas, case.Mode of action:Dye penetration with Toluidine Blue Gel / Fluid The photosensitiser (toluidine blue) diffuses into biofilms, hard and soft tissue. Photosensitiser dye attaches itself to the bacterial/fungal cell walls. PACT light exposurePACT400 laser: Monochromatic light penetrates hard and soft tissue and activates thephotosensitiser (dye). Activatedoxygen (aO2*) is formed.Kills all bacteria and fungi The activated oxygen (aO2*) destroys the cell walls of the bacteria/fungi and inactivates antigens or dissolves biofilms. Clindamycin- and metronidazole-resistant germs and many viruses are also killed. Body cells are spared (cell membrane instead of cell wall).Indications:Peri-implantitis, PA therapy, UPT, surgery, implantology, endodontology, CP/P therapy, bone and soft tissue infections. PACT peri-implantitis therapy: For closed and open application. Protects the sensitive implant surfaces .Recommended by the S3 guideline .Your benefit: Rapid elimination of inflammation. PACT- PA therapyAlternative to systemic and local antibiotics. For all stages and degrees of periodontitis. Improves regeneration. Your advantage: Gentle, closed therapy, even with deep (> 5 mm), bleeding (BOP) and refractory pockets. Opening up can be avoided and recall intervals extended. PACT- Endo-TherapyEliminates bacteria, including problem (faecal) germs in the root canal deep into the lateral canals, caverns and dentinal tubules. Your benefit : Germ elimination even in dentine walls.PACT - caries/ cavity/ core "sterilisation", caries profunda therapy, P-treatmentEliminates bacteria deep into the dentine (tubules), reduces pulp inflammation, protects the pulp. Your benefit: Supports the preservation of pulp vitality. Reduces the risk of pulp necrosis. PACT therapyfor bone infections and pre-implant treatment. Your benefit: Accelerated wound healing. Minimisation of wound healing disorders. Ideal before immediate implantation, also for infected alveoli or after cystectomy. PACT therapyfor soft tissue infections e.g. infected alveoli, herpes simplex, membrane infections.e.g. infected alveoli, herpes simplex, membrane infections. Your advantage: Painless therapy without delayed wound healing.Literaturliste

Micro application cannula for attaching Micro application cannula for attaching to the mixing/application cannula, curved, Luer-Lock connection.


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