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Product information "Relaxx Pro"

Flowable, light-curing, universal composite, filling and sealing material

Further improved submicron filler technology. For fissure sealing, infiltrations, micro-invasive fillings (Class I, II, III) in the non-occlusal anterior and posterior region, cervical fillings and in the colour white-opaque for underfillings and core build-ups.

Contains nano-fluorapatite for permanently high, caries-preventive fluoride release. Outstanding abrasion and strength properties of this material class.

2 ml syringe, incl. 5 pcs. Metal cannulas black (0.7 mm) (1000106)


Ideal for use in combination with Cumdente Hybrid Bond . Adhesive of the 8th generation.

Colour: A1, A2, A3, A3,5, A4, white-opaque
Consistency: Flowable

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Suitable adhesive

Hybrid Bond
One-for-all bonding for enamel, dentine and restorative materials. Self-etching, light-curing,etchant, primer and bonding agent in one. For the filling technique and adhesive bonding of dental restorations. Compatible with all common light-, dual- or chemical-curing composites, compomers, luting composites and fissure sealants. Adheres through chemical bonding. Permanent. On enamel and dentine. Does not apply significantly. Prevents postsensitivity. Also bonds to resins, composites, hybrid ceramics, precious metals, non-precious metals, titanium, zirconium oxide ceramics and, after silanisation, also to glass ceramics: as a bonding agent or for intraoral repairs / extensions. 5 ml bottle of Hybrid Bond Recommendation: For CP/P treatments: Adhesively cap the pulp with light-curing MTA PulpCap. MTA PulpCap and cavity liner / underfilling: Pulprotec MTA.

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Etch & Bond
Self-cauterising. Haemostatic. Dual-curing.Ideal for use in the root canal and for large-area build-up fillings and core build-ups.Etchant / primer / bonding in one. With the latest catalyser technology (also cures without light curing or in the root canal). For permanent, reliable enamel and dentine bonding at the highest level.For all common light-, dual- or autopolymerising composites and composite cements. Prevents post-sensitivity. Does not apply significantly.1 bottle each of Base 3 ml + Cat 3.5 mlTIP: CP / P treatment: Adhesively cap the pulp with light-curing MTA PulpCap. Cavity liner / underfilling :Pulprotec MTA

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Metal cannula black (thin)
Application cannulaApplication cannula for Glycerin-Gel, Relaxx Pro, PV Repair, CHX 20 Tooth Varnish. Luer-Lock connection.


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