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Product information "T-Scan™ Novus™ "

Digital bite registration and analysis device.

Indispensable for the diagnosis and treatment of functional disorders, temporomandibular joint disorders, CMD, headaches, cervical spine problems, masticatory muscle tension, etc.



USB sensor handpiece

- High-resolution sensor foils in small and large sizes (one box of 20 each)

- Sensor holder (autoclavable): Suitable for sizes small and large (one box of 2 each)

Computer not included.

With the T-Scan, you can document occlusion and articulation with pinpoint accuracy (e.g. in the course of prosthetic and implantological restorations or implantology). orthodontic treatments).
T-Scan analyses form the basis for precise grinding. Overloading of the implant can be specifically avoided.


Carry out another T-Scan bite analysis a few weeks after the insertion of dentures or implant-supported dentures or after function or orthodontic treatment.

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High-resolution sensor foils
Size: large

High-resolution sensor foils
Size: small


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