thixotropic engine

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Superhydrophilised, single-phase impression material based on A-silicone (polyvinyl polysiloxane) with an affinity for tooth surfaces. Universally applicable, easy to demould. For maximum impression precision and dimensional accuracy. Scanable.

Maxi-Mix cartridge (5 : 1), base and catalyst 550 g, incl. 10 dynamic mixers. Compatible with all common large cartridge dispensers.

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thixotropic Ultra
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Super Hydrophilic. Thin-flowing, superhydrophilised precision impression material based on A-silicone (Poly Vinyl Polysiloxane) with high tooth surface affinity. For perfect, sharp margins/surfaces even on/in the moist sulcus. Highly precise, tear-resistant. Scanable.2 double cartridges (DS 50/ 1:1) of 50 ml each for standard safety dispensing guns (1:1, 1:2), incl. 10 mixing tips, pink and 10 intra-oral tips

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