ApaCare Professional tooth polishing paste

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Product information " ApaCare Professional tooth polishing paste"

Single-phase polishing paste for professional cleaning in the dental practice based on medical hydroxyapatite; contains sodium fluoride.

Universal tooth cleaning and polishing paste with high cleaning power and innovative perlite cleaning particles. Initial RDA: 150, reduces during during polishing. High PCR (Pellice Cleaning Ratio) of 130, efficiently removes discolouration and plaque. The tooth surfaces feel particularly smooth and very pleasant for the patient after polishing. smooth and very pleasant to the touch. Cumdente ApaCare Professional is enriched with medical hydroxyapatite, which is deposited on the tooth surface during the polishing process and seals sensitive dentinal tubules. ApaCare Professional polishing paste contains sodium fluoride and does not contain preservatives. Especially recommended recommended after periodontal therapy as well as UPT and PZR.

1 tube of 75 mlStudies

with polishing pastes containing perlite:

J Clin Dent. 2013;24(3):88-93.
Cleaning, abrasion, and polishing effect of novel perlite toothpaste abrasive
Bo Wang,

Compend Contin Educ Dent. 2002 Jan;23(1):61-4, 66, 68
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Lutz 1, Thomas Imfeld


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ApaPerio prophylaxis powder
Highly efficient, gentle blasting powder for subgingival application / implant cleaning. Low abrasivenessOptimum particle size distributionhigh cleaning effectgood polishing effectApaPerio is a newly developed, improved blasting powder based on tagatose (average particle size 15 μm) comparable to glycine, which is used in the sub- and supragingival area for the cleaning of teeth, tooth roots and sensitive sensitive implant/abutment surfaces/dental restoration margins. can be used. ApaPerio has an excellent cleaning performance and improved polishing effect, which minimises the time required for application. Sensitive tooth, root and implant surfaces as well as the margins of dentures are optimally optimally protected. The special monosaccharide tagatose is extremely well tolerated, non-hygroscopic hygroscopic and has excellent spray behaviour. There is no The powder does not cake in the blasting device. Tagatose has a pleasant sweetish flavour and, unlike glycine than glycine, does not have a sensitising effect. Tagatose is non-cariogenic and also suitable for diabetics. diabetics.120 g bottle Recommendation: To improve attachment, it is recommended to apply Hyaluronsäuregel after cleaning (PA or UPT).

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ApaCare Dental varnish
Desensitising tooth bonding varnish. For use on sensitive tooth necks and for the remineralisation of initial caries and hypomineralisation (MIH). Natural, mineralising tooth bonding varnish with 20 % medical grade hydroxyapatite (liquid tooth enamel), shellac-based, self-curing. After curing, a durable, protective varnish layer is formed, biocompatible varnish layer is formed.Bottle of 5 ml (in office application)

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