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It all started with adhesive bonding and our light- and autocatalytic Flow A3, which has been continuously developed for more than 20 years. years. But one thing has remained the same to this day: high reliability. Because our special catalyser cures highly reliably even without light. reliably even without light.

Of course, adhesive bonding is possible with light colours (up to A3) and medium layer thicknesses of inlays, partial crowns or veneers can also be cured purely light-curing: ideally with our Synchrome Gel. This eliminates the stress of removal of excess material and can be reapplied if necessary.

With the further development of lithium disilicate and zirconium oxide ceramics, the requirements have changed. The market called for simpler systems without bonding and with the option of easier excess excess removal during the setting phase. Cumdente has responded: Our Prime & Cem has been setting the tone for years when it comes to universal luting cement. universal luting cement for years. And one thing in particular characterises it: The It is characterised by the absence of sensitivity reactions and high reliability.

facts that we have also transferred to the luting of implant work. implant work. Our Xpand Implant Cement holds reliably, when it needs to hold, allows very easy and safe excess removal, but can also be released if necessary.

Different chemistry, but similar reliability: with our PV Cem you and your patients are simply safe.

Luting composite. Adhesive cement.

High fluoride release. Gold standard for maximum stress and reliability.

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