We have made "filling" easy.

At the end of the 1990s, we were recognised with Cumdente thanks to our simple and very reliable adhesive technique and our few systematically coordinated composites composites were recommended as an "insider tip" among colleagues. Our courses on these topics are still fully booked today, perhaps because we because we explain what really matters.

When others were still layering the cavities in a complicated way, we we were already introducing composite gels. Reduced shrinkage, similar to enamel and with ingenious processing, even in thick layers and for all indication classes. indication classes.

Today, we actually only need two syringes or appli. two syringes or applicator tips, e.g. Synamel or Synchrome Gel. These are even cross-colour. For special applications or depending on processing preference, all specialities are available. At Cumdente, everything is compatible with compatible with everything. A special focus is placed on practical suitability, avoidance of after-effects of after-effects (sensitivity) and long-term success.

Light- and dual-curing composites

Shrinkage minimised. High abrasion resistance and stability.

Cumdente Synchrome filling in a dental practice in Landsberg

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