Photodynamic PACT therapy

In the heyday of "antibiotic cocktails" or "Van Winckelhoff", the developers working with Prof Hahn were already looking for more tolerable alternatives. Colourants such as aminolevulinic acid, a precursor of the porphyrin metabolism, which is energy production of rapidly growing bacterial cells, were stimulated with blue light stimulated with blue light and the bacteria selectively killed. We have registered many patents that are still used in tumour therapy today.

But it was also easier: a dye called toluidine blue could be activated with red light. Toluidine blue binds quickly and selectively to the cell wall of bacteria and and induces oxygen radicals when exposed to red light, which destroy the cell wall of all bacteria, including problem germs. The body's own cells are spared.

In the beginning, we were in competition with scientists at Kings College in London. But in the end, our "Swabian" Swabian designers with the easy-to-use, practical PACT devices won through. won through. Today, in its fifth generation and also as a combination laser with the most powerful most powerful 8W blue light surgical laser on the market.

Photo-activated therapy works exactly where it is needed, at the site of the infection and only there. where it is needed, namely at the site of the infection and only there. There are no side effects especially not on the whole organism and there are no restrictions on restrictions on use, including the possibility of delegation. PACTs can be used spontaneously for all infections, for the prevention of reinfections and of course as often as necessary recurrent recall or peri-implantitis.

Why blue light DUOlaser

Conventional lasers absorb in water and cause thermal damage to adjacent tissue areas.
Blue light absorbs in haemoglobin!
The blue light laser incision is non-contact, haemorrhage-free and without thermal damage to adjacent tissue areas.
There is no scarring, recessions or wound healing disorders. The depth of the ablation is defined and is controlled by repeated exposure.

Why blue light lasers?

Indications (blue light laser):
  • All types of dental soft tissue surgery
  • Sulcus management before impression taking
  • haemostasis
  • Pre-prosthetic surgery
  • peri-implant surgery
  • Implant uncovery
  • Spreading of the attached gingiva
  • Ligament surgery
  • Tooth whitening

Further indications of the PACT500 & blue DUOlaser
  • Photo-activated disinfection / photodynamic therapy for all infections such as periodontitis, peri-implantitis, deep caries, endodontics, soft tissue infections.

PACT400 red light laser

Indications: Peri-implantitis, PA therapy, UPT, surgery, implantology, endodontology, CP/P therapy, bone and soft tissue infections. Wound revisions.

The Cumdente laser dentistry.

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