Our Cumdente prevention concepts are orientated towards the causality of the diseases to be prevented. And we go even one step further and actively promote health.

Our caries prevention concepts focus on the teeth and the associated microbiome and the associated microbiome, so that high-risk groups can also benefit. benefit from them. And all this without any major additional effort in the prophylaxis sessions and through simple and tasty measures that can be implemented at home. The best example is our new ApaCare Gumwhich is unrivalled in terms of both taste and effectiveness.

Even more is possible: in the early stages of a disease disease, prevention and regeneration can often go hand in hand. The best examples are our highly concentrated hydroxyapatite repair pastes such as ApaCare Repair or the new ApaCare Lack , which can be used to actively prevent enamel maturation for life. actively promote enamel maturation for a lifetime, but also enamel stains, hypomineralisation and early caries.

Toothpaste as "medicine". All ApaCare Oralactinproducts contain signalling molecules or probiotics that specifically inhibit the growth inhibit the growth of pathobiotics and prebiotics that specifically stimulate germs in a targeted manner. And not only in the mouth, but also via the messenger substances of these necessary oral bacteria with lasting effects on the regulation of blood pressure, prevention of diabetes and vascular diseases and even the possible influence on erectile dysfunction.


Preventively into the future. All important topics of dental and oral health.

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