Highly effective preventive combination of liquid enamel and fluoride.

ApaCare combines the advantages of fluoride and hydroxyapatite.

The medicinal hydroxyapatite (liquid enamel) and sodium fluoride contained in the ApaCare products complement each other and together enhance the preventive effect.

Additional "brushing on" of hydroxyapatite during regular dental hygiene ApaCare dental care can reinforce the proven fluoride prevention. Together with the calcium fluoride layer, a protective hydroxyapatite coating forms on the tooth surface. This buffers acids, supports the regression of initial caries and whitespot discolouration, smoothes and brightens the teeth (hydroxyapatite is a natural whitening agent).

ApaCare It also reduces (hyper)sensitivity and protects against erosion. The liquid enamel contained in ApaCare (medical hydroxyapatite) seals open dentinal tubules on the tooth and on exposed tooth necks. In particular ApaCare Repair in particular, sensitivities such as painful hot/cold or sweet/sour sensitivities can be reduced very effectively. ApaCare also protects against tooth erosion, e.g. caused by acidic drinks or food.

ApaCare toothpaste restores to the tooth what is dissolved from the enamel in everyday life. Basic prophylaxis for everyone and all age groups.

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